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New Today on Origin: Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs takes its inspiration from the rising popularity of gritty Asian cop films, complete with manic chases, over-the-top violence, and a cast of deeply compelling characters. You will race boats, get involved in shoot-outs and brutal fist fights, sing karaoke, and find yourself immersed in many more questionable activities. All of this makes for a fantastically entertaining game tied together with an emotionally charged story true to its cinematic roots.

You play as Wei Shen, a hard-boiled cop who is one step away from the wrong side of the law. Wei goes deep undercover to infiltrate the notorious Triads and finds more than he bargained for. As you explore the game's open world depiction of Hong Kong and take on missions, you become more deeply invested in the criminals around you. As the story progresses, it becomes harder and harder to see them come to bad ends—even as you struggle for your own survival. Sleeping Dogs applies a “Saints Row” style of open gameplay to a morally complex and deeply compelling story that is well worth checking out; and you can immerse yourself in a life of Hong Kong crime today.