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New Today on Origin: Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Are you a murder mystery enthusiast? Then Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device is your chance to step up and play detective. Whether you’re a novice or a master sleuth, this game will challenge you with ingenious puzzles and enigmas that have you sneaking through a wicked, top-secret Tesla-inspired facility full of crazy mechanical devices and other oddities. You’ll dig around to uncover dirt on a wide cast of characters by snooping on them at night, reading newspaper clippings and diaries, interrogating suspects, and more. The point is to find the murderer of a renowned scientist, but the fun comes from solving witty brainteasers, tinkering with Nikola Tesla’s wild contraptions, and uncovering true facts about the eccentric yet brilliant physicist.

A variety of difficulty settings help keep up the challenge for you regardless of skill level, and the game doesn’t punish you too severely for your missteps. But you’ll still want to be careful, or else you might fall into the killer’s trap and become the next victim of the deadly device. The chance to snoop around this deadly device is yours for just $19.99.