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New Today on Origin: The Sims 3 Island Paradise Pre-Order

The Sims have gone on many adventures and traveled the world. Now they can explore the tropics or settle down in their own island paradise in this newest expansion pack. From houses built on stilts over the water to houseboats floating on the water, your Sims can find the perfect tropical vacation home. From there, they can try out a variety of boats and activities, travel to new uncharted isles, and even dive under the water thanks to new snorkeling and scuba diving skills. These skills then open up a whole new underwater environment full of places to explore, sunken treasure chests to open, and even the occasional friendly mermaid to see. Your Sims will be having so much fun that they’ll never want to go back to Sunset Valley. Luckily, they don’t have to—enterprising Sims can start their own island business running a custom resort for other vacationers. As always, you then choose the style and features of the resorts—will you cater to families, singles, or adventurers? However you play, new innovative features and beautiful environments make this an expansion to watch for, and you can secure a copy today before its release.