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New Today on Origin: The Sims 3 Seasons

The expansion the fans have been asking for has finally arrived! Seasons shakes up your Sims’ world with new activities, festivals, and weather patterns appropriate for each of the four seasons. Your Sims can now snowboard, join a snowball fight, in the winter, get a tan, swim in the ocean, carry umbrellas, and play soccer for the first time in The Sims 3. Seasons also brings a new festival which will appear on one of the community lots in your current world; this social gathering place changes with the seasons and features a host of new seasonal activities and socials for your Sims—a pie-eating contest for the fall, for instance, and a kissing booth for the spring. Alien invaders will also be making a comeback in this expansion, allowing your Sims to pilot flying saucers and abduct other Sims. Besides the season-specific stuff, this expansion adds another brand new weather-centric feature to the franchise: the Weather Stone. Said Stone allows players who own both The Sims Supernatural and The Sims Seasons to control the weather or summon spooky creatures in their Sims’ town in specific ways. Four seasons means four new looks for your world, four times the added gameplay, and one great expansion that promises to be worth the wait (and yours for $39.99).