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New Today On Origin: The Sims 3 University Life Pre-Order

The Sims™ are at it again. This time, they can head off to University for some higher learning or just a wild party or two. University was one of the most popular expansions for The Sims™ 2, and the University Life expansion for The Sims™ 3 builds on the premise with new major-themed objects to help your Sims make the grade, new social groups that help them network, and new ways to get a head start in their chosen careers. This expansion also brings a ton of new activities and interactions to discover throughout the charming college town.

Your Sims can take a break from their studies by hosting a bonfire by the lake or flirting with the cashier at the coffee shop. The limited edition even comes with a “party pack” bundle which includes togas, laurel wreaths, masks and just about everything your Sims need to throw the wildest dorm party on campus. Whether your Sim is a serious student or a party animal, this expansion is sure to be a must for avid fans of The Sims™ 3. Now available for pre-order on Origin.