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New Today on Origin: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction

Long a staple of the stealth/action genre, the Splinter Cell franchise reinvents itself with this more intense and relentless chapter in Splinter Cell: Conviction. National Security Agency (specifically, a black-ops sub-division dubbed "Third Echelon") agent Sam Fisher’s investigation into his daughter’s murder pushes him ever deeper into a world of terrorism and conspiracy. In true Tom Clancy fashion, Sam is forced to go rogue, and is hunted by his former colleagues at Third Echelon as he tries to get to the bottom of a plot that threatens millions. The edgier storyline gets backed up by some great new gameplay mechanics. Gone are Sam’s trademark trifocal night vision goggles; instead, features like “Mark and Execute” and “Last Known Position” give you new ways to deceive your opponents, flank, and take them down. Mark and Execute lets you mark foes, and with a single press of a button, quickly execute all marked foes with a single maneuver. Last Known Position indicates the last place the enemies think you are—giving you a quick heads-up of where you should be sneaking around. Using those new tools and abilities results in a much more cinematic and action-packed take on stealth gameplay, and the blockbuster-style story keeps the tension at a fever pitch.

Plus, the Deluxe Edition features three new weapons, a new skin, and a new game mode for perfecting your infiltration and assassination skills.