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New Today on Origin: Tomb Raider Pre-Order

Lara Croft may be one of the most beloved and recognized characters in gaming. The gutsy adventuress made her mark climbing and shooting her way through exotic and secret locales all across the globe. Known for finding mysterious occult treasures, battling rival adventurers, wolves, and even the occasional T-rex, she is the picture of badass confidence and poise—ready for anything.

But this newest entry in the series, titled simply, "Tomb Raider," takes a very different approach to the iconic heroine—focusing on her origins and concentrating more on her story as a human character than on over-the-top monsters and tombs. The game has a much grittier and more realistic feel than previous installments. She can, and frequently does get hurt, and there is a sense of desperation and intensity that lends a different feel to the features of climbing, exploring tombs, and fighting baddies. There are also elements of crafting and skill building, which serve to further engage the player in Lara’s character and feel for her as a person as she struggles to survive. Trading in some of its glamor for story is a risky play for the franchise, but the game looks amazing and promises to be a great reboot of the series.

To get an even deeper sense of the story, plus a map, artbook, and several weapons used by Agent 47 in the Hitman™ games, you can check out the Tomb Raider Survival Edition—which we're offering for the same price as the Standard Edition. Act fast before this deal expires on March 5.