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New Today On Origin: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Gold Edition

In the distant future, on the edge of the known galaxy, the last vestiges of humanity fight it out for survival in a never-ending war for dominance. This is the setting of Warhammer, the epic franchise that made a name for itself with iconic space marine armor and a blend of RTS action with RPG character and story development. Opting out of the cumbersome base-building that bogs down many RTS games, Warhammer instead lets you develop your troops’ skills and choose how to equip them. You can invest in characters that follow you into battle again and again, providing a sense of humanity and camaraderie that draws you more deeply into the story. In case you’re thinking that this is too touchy-feely for a war game, fear not; Warhammer also features “Wargear”—unlockable high-tech equipment and weapons that allow you to wreak havoc and generally blow stuff up. There are also a host of nasty and mysterious enemies from five distinct races (all of which are playable in multiplayer mode) to conquer. Add in an epic storyline and diverse destructible environments, and Warhammer 40,000 makes a great showing as a unique and well-rounded strategy game with a powerful RPG element that well deserves its loyal following. See for yourself, today on Origin.