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Now Available On Origin: Defiance Pre-Order

Massively multiplayer online shooters are hardly a new concept, but Trion Worlds (the folks behind RIFT) and the Syfy Channel have teamed up to make a truly unique entry into the genre. The core concept is that both the Defiance TV show and all the action in the game take place in the same world at the same time. This means that the show is influenced by the game and vice versa. It also means that there is no distinction between player-vs.-player (PVP) and co-op modes—if your character is on a mission and sees a couple of other characters duking it out, you can simply join in and start shooting. Conversely, if you’re in the middle of a firefight and a huge enemy appears, you can simply team up with your former opponents to take on the new threat. Add to this a powerful arsenal of unlockable weaponry, RPG-style character building, and an environment that changes constantly, and you’ve got a pretty immersive and dynamic experience that goes beyond the average MMO shooter. A pre-order also gets you early beta access, an exclusive outfit, weapon, and more.