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Introducing Origin Boxed

Today, EA and Origin are introducing the next big thing in digital publishing. This is a brand new feature that melds all the benefits of digital with the tactile sensation of physical. We’re thrilled to be the first digital platform to make it happen.

This is Origin Boxed.

It’s time to get some use out of your 3D printer. Beginning today, games downloaded from Origin will use your 3D printer to create your game’s packaging and install discs. Whatever your preferred format – DVD, CD, even classic floppy diskettes – you can print your physical media and start the loading process. Once all your discs have been printed, begin installing your game one disc at a time.

If you don’t have a disk drive, Origin Boxed has you covered: print a disk drive from Origin and install it into your gaming rig.

Origin Boxed is the same Origin experience with all the same features of Origin downloads. Pre-order games and pre-load your install discs to print them off at least 24 hours before they launch. Unhappy with your purchase? You can still take advantage of Origin’s Great Game Guarantee with Origin Boxed: Simply print a box, pack up your game, and drop it in the mail.

The near instantaneous speed of digital distribution has changed the way we enjoy our games. Origin Boxed returns the thrill of anticipation to the gaming experience. Get the most out of your digital dollars and savor every second with your Origin purchase.

Origin Boxed. The future of digital is plastic.