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Origin Deal Alert: BF3 DLC Mega Sale

Today we’ve got some great news for our Battlefield fans--Origin is having a massive sale on all of the downloadable content available for Battlefield 3. With prices as low as $2, the Battlefield 3 DLC Blowout Sale is a great opportunity to give yourself the best possible Battlefield experience.

Want to avoid getting mauled by BF3 veterans in a class you’re less experienced in? Then take advantage of our sale and stock up on some BF3 Shortcuts. Looking to gain some serious firepower? Get the Assault Kit Shortcut to unlock additional assault rifles, grenade launchers, even a defibrillator to revive soldiers injured on the frontline. Need to gain air superiority on the battlefield? Then check out the Air Vehicle Shortcut which provides you with a total of 38 unlocks for attack helicopters, scout helicopters, and jets. Individual Shortcut kits are available starting at just $2 apiece, or you can spring for the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle for just $20.00—half off its usual price—and truly take your game to the next level.

BF3 expansion packs are also on sale, with each expansion pack available for just $10. If you missed out on picking up Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, then you can use this discount to play some of the most beloved Battlefield 2 maps reimagined in the Frostbite 2 engine in Back to Karkand. Now is the best time to add new tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery, and the biggest map in Battlefield history with Armored Kill. See for yourself how cool it is to use a silent crossbow in a post-earthquake Tehran with Aftermath.

And if you already own a few expansion packs we’ve got another great offer for you: Origin users who own two or more expansion packs can purchase Battlefield 3 Premium at a discount—with increased savings based on the number of expansion packs you own. This opportunity to give your Battlefield 3 experience the ultimate upgrade at enviable prices is only available until January 22, so be sure to act soon.