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Origin Deal Alert: Crysis 1 and 2 Sale

If you’re eagerly awaiting for Crysis 3’s release next month, but haven’t fully immersed yourself in the previous games, then now’s your chance: both both Crysis 1 and 2 are on sale this weekend for only $5 each!

Get the top-rated game that started it all—and the sequel—for just $10 total. Start the story by playing as the Nanosuit soldier Nomad as you fight alien invaders on a gorgeous island near the Philippines. Then jump into Crysis 2 as the Nanosuit soldier Alcatraz taking the fight to a decimated New York City. By the time you get through both games, you’ll be well-prepared to become the hunter in the ultimate urban jungle upon Crysis 3’s release.

This chance to catch up with the Crysis franchise at such a low price is only available until January 15, so be sure to act fast.