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Origin Deal Alert: Games That Gamers Love Sale

The results are in: you want Battlefield 3 for only $5 this week. We tallied up your votes from the Gamers' Choice poll last week, and between The Sims 3, Mass Effect 3, and Battlefield 3, the majority of you clearly wanted Battlefield 3 on sale. Pair that together with 50% off Battlefield 3 Premium, and you have a great deal on BF3 multiplayer—which all sounds like a pretty satisfying way to spend your gaming time between now and Battlefield 4's release in the fall.

But Battlefield 3 is only one part of our Games That Gamers Love Sale. We're taking some of your favorite games—Peggle, Burnout Paradise, Mirror's Edge, and more—and reducing prices on them too. For the next week, you can save up to 70% on a huge assortment of titles from the Origin catalog. If you haven't played some of the best games of the past year like Dead Space 3 or Tomb Raider, you can finally add them to your collection while saving money. For you Mass Effect 3 and The Sims 3 fans, even though Battlefield 3 won the vote, you can still get games in your favorite series’ at a killer deal too—everyone wins.

Don't hesitate on getting these games with deep discounts, because this sale on over 150 games only lasts until June 19.