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Origin Deal Alert: Mass Effect 3 Anniversary Sale

In celebration of Mass Effect 3's launch back in March 2012, we're putting the entire franchise on sale; now's your chance to save 50% or more when you pick up any of the games in the trilogy. Experience the complete epic saga from its start—when Commander Shepard and the crew of the Systems Alliance Space Vehicle (SSV) Normandy investigate an alien artifact in Mass Effect — all the way to the climactic invasion of Earth in Mass Effect 3 for as low as $25. Or if you already jumped in with just one or two titles (perhaps you started in medias res with ME2? Or you whet your appetite with Mass Effect but never got around to exploring its sequels?), then you can now complete your collection for as low as $7 per game.

If you haven't guided your own personal Commander Shepard through life-or-death decisions that can affect the entire galaxy, or led a squad whose roster includes a talking dinosaur and a showtunes-singing mad scientist into battle, then now is a great time to do so while saving money. But act fast, because this chance to save the universe with a premium discount only lasts until March 12.