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Origin Deal Alert: SimCity Pre-Order

SimCity already attracts its share of budding urban planners and simulation enthusiasts with its promise for depth of simulation paired with gorgeous graphics. For those of you who haven’t already pre-ordered a copy, we’re pleased to announce a great perk to pre-ordering: the Origin-exclusive Plumbob Park.

Whether you pre-order the Digital Deluxe or the Limited Edition of SimCity, a pre-order via Origin guarantees this bonus mystery item. Inspired by the ubiquitous The Sims plumbob, this park provides some great benefits for the Mayor of whichever city he or she calls home.

Plumbob Park

Drop Plumbob Park into your city and inspire your Sims to revel in the great outdoors. Not only will your Sims become happier thanks to this park’s presence, but the overall desirability of your city will grow and contribute to a better Mayor rating. Plumbob Park is an Origin-exclusive, so you can only get this snazzy park and its benefits from purchasing SimCity through Origin. This new bonus item, paired with our pre-order now and get $50 in Origin savings offer, makes now a great time to pre-order and secure a copy of SimCity.