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Origin Deal Alert: Free Shipping Through The Holidays

In the pre-Internet days, if we weren’t already at the store, we’d order things by phone or study glossy catalogs. A common occurrence is spotting a great deal on a rare and coveted find—say a particularly boss set of steak knives that were forged over a volcano by a fellow descended from a long line of blacksmiths dating to the 1340s—and after putting in the order for those great knives at only $19.99, learning that shipping and handling would then run you $200. Ouch.

Starting today, we’re taking away that kind of shopping pain with our Free Shipping offer. Between now and December 21, 2012, any orders of $39 or higher will qualify for free standard or economy shipping (assuming you’re in either the United States or Canada). As long as you’re in one of the qualifying regions and your cart has at least $39 worth of items in it, you can select standard or economy shipping for all your boxed games, and we’ll cover that cost. Worried that your order won’t arrive before Christmas? Make sure you select economy shipping and order by December 14, or select standard shipping and order by December 19.

That’s one less “but the shipping will cost this much!” headache on your shopping list. Hope the rest of your holiday haul goes well.