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Origin How-Tos: Adding Non-Origin Games To Your My Games Library

One of the most exciting new features included in the upcoming Origin Update (now in beta, so you can check out this feature if you opted-in) is the ability to add any games purchased outside of Origin to your My Games library. This way, Origin can now serve as your single go-to destination for your entire PC gaming experience. No matter where you got your game from—from a recent Origin sale to classic games that you owned before we even launched Origin—you can now launch it from within Origin. This new feature not only allows you to keep all of your PC games organized in one nice and tidy place, but most benefits such as Origin In Game and gameplay streaming should also work for games added this way. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to add any PC game to your Origin My Games library.


1.       Select Add Game from the Origin drop-down menu.

2.       Locate and select the new “Add Games Manually” option, will open a file browser for you to find the executable file of the game you want to add. Go ahead and find the .exe on your machine and then click “Open” .

3.       The game will appear as a “new” title in your library with its icon as the display graphic. Right-clicking on it and select “Shortcut Properties” to open a new menu that offers options such as renaming the game (which affects what it displays to your friends while playing), the location of the .exe file, and any command line arguments you might want to add whenever you start this game. 


Whether you’re using the beta version now or waiting for the live release, now is a good time to consider consolidating all of your PC gaming to Origin.