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Origin How-Tos: Enabling Cloud Storage

With cloud storage, not only can you sign in to your EA account to play your favorite games from any Origin-equipped PC, but you can also pick up and continue playing right from where you left off.

Here’s how it works: Usually, when you save your progress, this information would be stored locally onto the PC that you’re playing on. If you enable cloud storage, your game information will be stored externally on secure EA servers. After you finish a game session, Origin automatically synchronizes your game-generated data. Game syncs also happen when you launch Origin (in case you closed it and missed the previous sync). Origin stores your game-generated data to the cloud with every sync and makes this data available from any PC with Origin installed on a per-Origin-ID basis.

To make sure you’re taking advantage of our cloud storage feature, go to Application Settings from the Origin menu. In the General tab, scroll down until you see Origin Beta Participation and check the box next to Enable cloud storage for all supported games. Lastly, click Done to finish.

Enable Cloud Saves in Origin

To see whether a game in your library supports cloud storage, you can:

1.   Go to your My Games library

2.   Mouse over a title and click the “i” (information button) on the hover card

3.   See if there’s a Cloud Storage tab (if not, and there’s only a Details tab, then that game does not have cloud storage)

4.   If so, check the box next to “Enable cloud storage for all games”

Below that, you’ll find an indicator that displays how much cloud storage space is being used for your game, and how much remains. Currently, Origin can store up to 100MB of data per game.