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Origin How-Tos: Managing Your Social Network Presence


Last week we pointed out how you can use other social networks—ranging from Facebook to ones built into consoles like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network—to find your friends on Origin. That way, even if you don’t immediately recall which email address your friend uses for his or her EA account, you can still find and add them to your Origin Friends List through either their Xbox Live or even their Facebook name for a future of fun and online fulfillment. For this week, we’re making sure you can return the favor by making your EA account visible across those same social networks and Friends Lists. Not only can you make sure that people who only know you as DancinTedDanson on Xbox Live can still find you on Origin, but as a counterpoint, you can also make sure that your Origin Friends List and your Xbox Live Friends List remain distinct (these are my PC friends, and these are my console friends).

To manage your Origin profile’s visibility across various social networks:

1.       Launch the Origin client and log in to your account.

2.       Select Application Settings from the Origin drop-down menu.

3.       Click over to the Privacy Tab.

4.       Check or uncheck the appropriate boxes to set your visibility preferences on various social networks.

5.       Hit “Done.”

Either way, whether you’ve opened or closed off your social circles, you’re in control of how easily people can find you on Origin.