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Origin How-Tos: See Your Friends, Their Games, & Their Friends

One of the shining features of Origin is the ability to connect with friends—but what about your friends’ friends (for when you want to fill out your squad in a Battlefield 3 match), and your friends’ games library?

For starters, you can pull up your friends list in one of two ways:

1.       Select Show Friends List from the Friends dropdown menu in the top left of the client, or

2.       Click on the Show Friends List button in the top right of the client, just above the search box

Right click on any friend in your Friends List—even if they’re offline—and select View Profile. This will bring up that friend’s full profile, which includes all of their friends (who you can also add to your own Friends List) and all their games. Does one of your Origin friends have a knack for discovering quirky lesser known titles, or awesome games in your favorite genre? Browse your friend’s profile to have a look at their own game library—see what games you have in common, and which ones they have that you don’t.