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Origin Insider: Dead Space 3 Awakened Interview

ShereifOrigin Insider has the scoop on Isaac and Carver’s dark journey as they discover that The Terror Never Ends. Origin Insider asks Shereif Fattouh, Producer at Visceral Games, what to expect in the new DLC and what weapons he personally uses to take down the terror.

Origin Insider (OI): What is your role as a producer on Dead Space 3?

Shereif Fattouh (SF): My role includes working with our level designers, artists, engineers, animators, etc. to ensure the creative vision of the levels in our game hit the high level of quality we have established.

OI: What is your favorite Weapon to craft to play with? What Weapons will you use to defeat these new enemies?

SF: My preferred loadout is the Rail Accelerator upper tool, with a force gun lower on one hand, and a Bouncing Bolo upper tool with sticky Bolo on the other hand. It’s a great combination of speed and accuracy on one weapon, plus power and area of effect damage on the other.

OI: What can you tell us about Dead Space 3 Awakened?

SF: (SPOILER ALERT; If you haven't finished DS3, move on to the next question!) Awakened takes place immediately after the events of Dead Space 3. Isaac and Carver have found themselves back on the surface of Tau Volantis. The events that follow make them question their own sanity as they embark on one of the most horrific chapters in the history of Dead Space.

OI: What sort of new content does Awakened introduce? Do we start Awakened with our New Game+ equipment and weapons?

SF: Awakened will introduce a variety of new enemies, environments, bosses, and a compelling storyline in the vein of classic Dead Space storytelling. Players can bring all the inventory items from their main game save, including weapons and equipment from New Game+.

OI: There seems to be a new Unitologist leader... can you tell us about him?

SF: The cult leader in Awakened is the main antagonist of the story. He has assumed the mantle of Unitologist Leader. However, unlike his predecessors, his vision of convergence is of a darker spiritual tone, rife with ritualistic barbarism.

OI: Can we expect the same co-op experience as the core game in Dead Space 3 Awakened?

SF: Yes, Awakened is fully playable in co-op and contains branching and unique story elements when playing single player vs. co-op.

OI: What’s your favorite suit in the game?

SF: I personally like the Witness the Truth suit. All of the Unitologist scribbles look very cool on Isaac.

Thank you to Shereif Fattouh, Producer Visceral Games, for this insider view.  Dead Space 3 Awakened is now available on the PlayStation® Network in North America and worldwide on Origin.com for $9.99 or Xbox® LIVE Marketplace for 800 MS Points.