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New Update to Origin Client

Today we’re rolling out a new update to Origin that improves your ability to customize your experience. If you’re already opted-in to our beta updates, you’ll be prompted to update to Version 9.4 later today when you sign in. The rest of the Origin community will see the updated software in the coming weeks. Curious about all the new features? Opting-in to our beta program is quick and easy.

Here’s a more detailed look at everything you’ll find in today’s release:

Pinning: Having to tab out of your game to chat can be annoying, so we’ve added a way for you to see your favorite Origin features right there on top of the action. You can pin the chat window to keep it active, or open a web browser and surf strategy guides or YouTube while you play. And so it doesn’t block your view of the game you can adjust the opacity of these overlays. When you pin a window, we’ll remember your settings, so the next time you play, that pinned window will be right where you left it.

Custom game tiles: Previously, you could change the appearance of the tiles in your My Games library, but only for non-Origin games. Now, every single tile in your library is open to customization, and it doesn’t have to be a static image. Add an animated GIF for more fun, or even use a photo via a saved copy on your hard drive.

Customization Options: We’ve made some improvements under the hood to allow faster Origin updates, and added more options to help you customize your experience. Now you can choose to keep Origin open to play different games or have it close automatically when you’re done. The Featured Today module shows you great deals that you might otherwise miss, but now you can turn off that feature if you’d rather shop around on your own. Additionally, instead of having updates run in the background, you can choose to install them only when you want to, if bandwidth is at a premium.

We hope you enjoy the new Origin update. Your feedback and suggestions for future updates are always welcome—just drop us a note in the comments section.