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Update Origin Today

Today we start rolling out a new update to Origin for both PC and Mac that adds group chat, some tweaks to Origin In Game (OIG), optimizations, and more.

After downloading this update, you'll notice that you can host conversations with up to 63 of your friends. You're no longer limited to one-on-one conversations—if you find yourself with some downtime (in-between matches in Battlefield 3, for example), you can invite your gamer friends into a group chat session and keep up with the latest news. You can also spruce up your My Games library with custom box art for non-Origin games—even animated GIFs like this one will display in your games collection. We've tweaked Origin In Game to let you disable it for specific games (right-click on them and select "Game Properties" in your My Games library) and added tabs to OIG's browser. Finally, we've made it so that you can easily see on your Friends List when a friend is currently broadcasting their gameplay—along with other improvements such as more efficient auto-patching and faster download speeds.

Updating Origin should be as easy as exiting and then restarting the client. If you’re eager to check out these new features before your client auto-updates, you can also download the latest version now from www.origin.com/download.

We hope you enjoy this new Origin update. Your feedback and suggestions for future updates are always welcome, just drop us a note in the comments section. Full release notes below:

  • Added an all-new group chat feature

  • Added messaging on your friends list that shows when a friend is broadcasting gameplay

  • Added tabs and keyboard shortcuts to the Origin In Game browser

  • You can now disable Origin In Game for individual games purchased through Origin

  • Added the ability to upload custom box art for non-Origin games, including animated GIFs

  • Added the ability to check installation progress for certain games from your web browser

  • Added a security question notification (for those who haven’t set one yet) to help protect your account

  • You can now make your Origin Points and achievement totals from BF3, ME3, and DS3 visible on your Origin profile for friends to see

  • Improved error handling for when you run out of disk space while downloading paid DLC

  • You can now uninstall games through Origin for Mac

  • Improved user feedback survey for PC; enabled user feedback survey for Mac

  • More efficient auto-patching (now only the changed parts of a file get downloaded)

  • Faster game download performance