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Pre-Order Dragon Age: Inquisition Starting Today

Did you catch the new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer? Excited to experience Bioware’s latest epic adventure for yourself when it launches on October 7? Pre-ordering is now available in the Origin store for both the PC Digital Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition as well as the standard PC edition.

When you pre-order the PC version from the Origin store, make sure you secure the Origin-exclusive Dragon Age: Inquisition Digital Deluxe Edition for some fantastic additional content. This edition includes the standard game as well as premium items that include the Dragon Age: Inquisition digital soundtrack, as well as in-game items such as the Bog Unicorn, Skyhold Throne, Inquisitor Armored Mount, Red Hart Halla and more that will be revealed leading up to the PC game’s October 7th release.

Pre-ordering from the Origin store will also ensure that you’ll be questing and battling the second the game launches. At least 24 hours before the game launches on October 7th we’ll make preloading available to pre-orders, ensuring that you’ll be in the adventure the moment the game’s available.

We know you’ll love it, but we’re making sure your Origin purchase is entirely risk-free with our Great Game Guarantee. Go ahead and pre-order. We’ve got your back.