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Save On Battlefield 3 Premium And Get Early Access To Aftermath

Battlefield 3 Premium is a great value-filled companion to the Battlefield 3 experience, and a must-buy for any Battlefield 3 fan looking to experience all the maps, modes, and vehicles that Battlefield has to offer. Premium comes with a range of perks: Starting with early access to all Battlefield 3 expansion packs—including BF3: Aftermath, which Premium owners are currently playing ahead of its public release on December 18.

In addition to early access to BF3 expansion packs, you’ll also get unique in-game items like special dog tags and the prized Advanced Combat Blade model 90—a heavy duty combat knife that allows for quick, clean, and silent kills. The extra strategy guides, insider videos, server queue priority, and exclusive Double XP events that are available to Premium owners will insure that you enjoy the ultimate Battlefield experience every time you play.

Today we're pleased to announce that we’re introducing a new “Complete Your Premium” program to make it easier for gamers who already own some of the BF3 expansion packs to get the full Premium experience.

How To Save On Premium

Below is a quick breakdown of your Battlefield 3 Premium savings based on how many expansion packs you already own:

  • Own two expansion packs:  30% discount

  • Own three expansion packs: 60% discount

  • Own four expansion packs: 70% discount

(If you got Back to Karkand as part of BF3 Limited Edition, that does count as one expansion.)

Remember, purchasing Premium now means that you’ll get to play Aftermath right now; and the final expansion pack, Endgame, two weeks earlier than non-Premium members in March 2013.

How to purchase from your Origin client library:

  • Go to My Games and click on Battlefield 3.

  • Click on the “i” button. (It’s the gray one next to the “Play” button).

  • Scroll down to Expansions and select Battlefield 3 Premium.

  • Click “Buy Now” to initiate the checkout process using the discounted price.

Purchase BF3 Premium from your Origin client library

How to purchase from the Battlelog Store:

  • Go to the Battlelog Store.

  • Sign in to see the offer you’re eligible for.

  • Select “Buy Now.

This is for a limited-time only, so jump on this now. And if you’re among those who already own expansions such as Close Quarters or Armored Kill, thanks for being a loyal supporter of Battlefield 3!