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New Today On Origin: SimCity

After 10 years off the grid, SimCity returns with a bang. Old-school charts and graphs give way to a living, breathing model that reacts to your every move in real time. The new SimCity feels like having the world’s coolest virtual ant farm that you can reach into and rearrange any way you like. Need to add a fire station? Just plop one down in your city and see how it affects the surrounding area. Want more factories? Just draw a road and zone for industrial and tiny Sims will start building them for you.

Building the city, however, is just part of the fun. Where SimCity really shines is in the number of ways you can control your new metropolis. Some players may opt to take on the challenge of making sure all their simulated residents live happy and productive lives, while others may choose to plague their tiny denizens with meteor showers and crime waves. As you play, you’ll see the effects of your actions on the lives of individual Sims, neighborhoods, or even other nearby cities.

The game also looks fantastic. The developers have opted in favor of bright colors and a tilt-shift camera effect that reinforces the idea that each city is an intricate playset meant to be tinkered with. Swooping from a grand overview of the entire region to a street-level view into the lives of individual Sims gives the game a tremendous sense of scale, while maintaining the playful quality. For kids who grew up building models or even playing the previous SimCity games, this beautiful and more intuitive reboot is a dream come true.

We're also happy to announce that the availability of the Limited Edition has been extended for one week on Origin. This means that you can still get the bonus Heroes and Villains Set and other Limited Edition goodies up until March 11.