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Suit Up In The Crysis 3 Multiplayer Open Beta Today

If you want to get a jump ahead in wearing and leveling up your Nanosuit in multiplayer, then today is the day. We've formally launched the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Open Beta, and you can suit up, assess, adapt, and attack online from now until February 12.

Although the Open Beta doesn't feature final code, it will still give you a good sense of the overall gameplay, design, and feel of the final game when it ships in a few weeks. You'll get to check out two maps and two modes while leveling yourself up to level 10 (for full details about the beta, check our post here). Besides letting you play a little bit of multiplayer early, this is also a chance to voice your opinion about the modes and gameplay, as the developers can then make some final adjustments when the game launches.

Note that on PC, you'll need a video card that supports DirectX 11. All technical questions (and your feedback) can be taken care of over at the official Crysis fan community site, MyCrysis. Swap stories, give helpful hardware tips, and talk about Crysis over at MyCrysis. Also, there are no restrictions or non-disclosure agreements involved with this Open Beta, so share screenshots, stories, and videos to your heart's content.   

Ready to get started? You can either go to the demos page here or on the demos page in the Store tab within the Origin client and add it to your My Games library. Remember, you only have until February 12 to play, so get cracking and leave some feedback and comments about how you use your Nanosuit either at MyCrysis or in the comments area below.