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Battlefield Hardline News

You can pre-load your copy of Battlefield Hardline today!

It’s almost time to throw down in a cops vs. criminals world with Battlefield Hardline. Pre-load is now available, so you can download and install the game today and start playing the moment it's released on March 17. The only question that remains is this: will you enforce the law as the cops, or will you break it and get rich from a heist as a criminal? Get ready to hit the streets and play on both sides of the law. This is Battlefield Hardline.


Find out what went into creating Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer modes

Are you ready for Battlefield Hardline? In just a few short weeks, you and your friends will be able to binge on some awesome cops vs. criminals action. And between the thrilling TV-inspired crime drama campaign and all of the epic multiplayer modes, there’s plenty to go around. In fact, the developers over at Visceral Games can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into everything this new take on Battlefield has to offer. We caught up with lead multiplayer designer Thaddeus Sasser for a quick chat about what went into making Battlefield Hardline a unique and authentic Battlefield experience.


The Battlefield Hardline beta is now live – dominate the streets with these Insider Tips!

Now that the Battlefield Hardline open beta is live, gamers all over the world can get a taste of some cops vs. criminals action. Whether you’re stealing loot in Heist mode, participating in high-speed chases in Hotwire, or taking down perps in Conquest, we can’t wait for you to jump in and have an insanely fun time. And while you and your friends will no doubt develop some amazing strategies, we’ve got some special Insider Tips straight from the Battlefield Hardline developers that will help you come out on top. Are you ready to rule the streets?


Battlefield Hardline's PC details revealed – check out the system requirements right here!

Ready for the Battlefield Hardline open beta? We can't wait for you to experience a taste of the cops vs. criminals action. And while we’re excited for you to check out a new take on Battlefield, we’re also excited to reveal the official system requirements of Battlefield Hardline. If you’re planning on cranking up your display settings to the max (and you totally should – the game looks downright incredible), make sure your gaming rig has what it takes. Check out the following system requirements, which are same for both the beta and the final release of the game: Does your rig have what it takes? Find out right here.


Things We Learned from the Battlefield Hardline Gamescom Demo

This week at Gamescom, the developers of Battlefield Hardline treated us to a new 12-minute demo of one of the single-player missions, and here are some of the juicy tidbits it revealed.


Top 5 PC Games of E3 2014

There’s nothing like the thrill of a new game announcement. Before any actual hands-on gameplay, there’s the pure potential of gaming fun to be had. At Origin we’re all about playing on the PC, and this year’s crop of E3 titles doesn’t disappoint. Here are the top five PC games we’re looking forward to.