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New Today on Origin: DmC Devil May Cry

Way back in 2001, Capcom released a "stylish hard action game" that helped redefine the action game genre as a whole. Originally conceived as a survival horror game (in fact, it was going to be Resident Evil 4), Devil May Cry shifted from slow horror and tension into fast and furious action.


Weekly Giveaway: DmC Devil May Cry Edition

It’s that time: our weekly prize giveaway. Leave us a comment for a chance to win free game codes and other sweet prizes while celebrating your favorite games. Each Thursday, we post a new question—like us on Facebook to stay in the know.


Get Ready For The DmC Devil May Cry Live Chat

Excited by next week's release of the stylish action game DmC: Devil May Cry? Then you'll want to tune in to our DmC Devil May Cry Live Chat for an exclusive look at the PC version. We'll be joined by Associate Producer Greg Lewickj and Community Manager Greg More as they provide a detailed walkthrough and discussion of DmC. This will also be a good chance to ask us and the developers any questions you have, and possibly win some prizes.


New Today on Origin: DmC Devil May Cry Pre-Order

The original Devil May Cry made a name for itself with fantastic graphics, compelling characters, and some of the best action gameplay seen in gaming—courtesy of an extremely fluid combat system that rewarded players for stringing together sword and gun moves in true anime style. This latest installment in the series promises to surpass its predecessors on all fronts.


Origin Deal Alert: Capcom Sale

We’ve mentioned that you can now start pre-ordering the next installment in the Devil May Cry series, DmC, today. While you wait for DmC to come out, might we suggest partaking in our Capcom sale this week for PC Digital?