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Origin How-Tos: Setting a Language

Did you know you can easily adjust your settings so that all the text within your PC Origin client displays in your preferred language?


Origin How-Tos: Enabling Cloud Storage

With cloud storage, not only can you sign in to your EA account to play your favorite games from any Origin-equipped PC, but you can also pick up and continue playing right from where you left off.


Origin How-Tos: View & Manage Your Profile

Last week, we showed you how to view the profiles of your friends, and your friends’ friends. This week, we’ll focus on how to edit your own profile, control who sees it, and (if needed—sigh) block, unfriend, or report another user.


Origin How-Tos: See Your Friends, Their Games, & Their Friends

One of the shining features of Origin is the ability to connect with friends—but what about your friends’ friends (for when you want to fill out your squad in a Battlefield 3 match), and your friends’ games library?


Origin How-Tos: Adding Non-Origin Games To Your My Games Library

One of the most exciting new features included in the upcoming Origin Update is the ability to add any games purchased outside of Origin to your My Games library. This way, Origin can now serve as your single go-to destination for your entire PC gaming experience.


Origin How-Tos: Managing Your Social Network Presence

Last week we pointed out how you can use other social networks—ranging from Facebook to ones built into consoles like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network—to find your friends on Origin. For this week, we’re making sure you can return the favor by making your EA account visible across those same social networks and Friends Lists.


Origin How-Tos: Add Friends From Other Social Networks & Consoles

Origin is primarily PC-based nowadays, but all EA games—even ones on consoles like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3—can interact with your EA account. You can use this functionality to find friends that are already using Origin.


Origin How-Tos: Opt in to Beta Versions of the Origin Client

We understand that many of you are power gamers–users who like to live on the bleeding edge of technology and run the latest software. Sound like you? Then you might want to consider opting-in to new beta builds of Origin.


Origin How-Tos: Origin In Game

Today we’ll focus on the benefits of Origin In Game. The basics are simple: it’s an overlay that lets you browse the web, access your friends list, and adjust settings without leaving your actual game.