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The New Origin Update Launches Today

We are proud to announce that the latest update to the Origin client has come out of beta and is now live for all Origin users. As detailed previously, this update introduces a number of improvements—starting with the ability to add non-Origin games to your My Games library. You can now make Origin your primary platform to launch all of your PC gaming experiences. We’ve also implemented a Twitch broadcasting feature that will let you broadcast your gameplay live to other users; gameplay broadcasting remains in a beta stage at this point, and we look forward to sharing more as its full feature set comes online soon. As always, we’ve made several optimizations and tweaks, such as faster load times, a more responsive Friends List, and menu options when you right-click on Origin in your task bar.

Starting today, the latest version of Origin will be rolled out to users everywhere. If you’re eager to check out these exciting new features, you can download the latest version now from www.origin.com/download.

Release notes for this update:

  • Improved client performance to allow for quicker startup

  • Improved the speed of your friends list while loading

  • You can now add games purchased outside of Origin to your My Games library

  • Added a feedback survey that allows you to tell us what you think of Origin

  • Added the ability for you to broadcast gameplay live

  • Right-clicking on Origin in your task bar will now display more options

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