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New Today on Origin: The Sims 3 University Life

“University” was one of the most popular expansions for The Sims 2 and now it’s available for The Sims 3 with even more cool ways to play. Your Sims can network, hit the books, or become party animals. There are new major-themed objects to help them study; new social groups; new places to hang out; and a host of new activities and interactions. Networking and social groups have become a much bigger part of the game this time around—you can now join up with the “nerds,” “rebels,” or “jocks.” Make an impression and develop cred with special activities to earn your Sim a dream job or even an extra trait. Good grades will also help your Sims in their careers with higher-level entry jobs and faster promotions. Of course, they can’t study all the time—that’s why University Life adds juice-keg stands and bonfire parties by the lake as options to let off some steam. Though, if your Sims flunk out from partying too hard, they can always come back to learn something new. If you purchase University Life on Origin, you can show some school spirit with Origin-exclusive items like face paint, a new hairstyle, and a spiffy scooter to help your Sim get to class on time.