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New Today On Origin: The Walking Dead Episode 5

With the release of Episode 5 today, the nail-biting first season of The Walking Dead game reaches its intense conclusion. Fans of either Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comics or TV series will know that what makes The Walking Dead so cool are the difficult choices and raw human emotion that gets exposed when the civilized world is stripped away (by zombies). The game stays true to this concept with every major choice and action you have taken for the past four episodes coming back to haunt or help you in the tense final moments.

Now that all five episodes are available, you can play the entire story through from start to finish. Will you be brave or cowardly, selfish or caring? As convicted criminal Lee Everett, your decisions will affect the dynamic of the group of survivors you meet up, and your ability to protect the orphan girl Clementine. Will you achieve redemption for your past, or succumb to the savagery all around you. How will you handle the zombie apocalypse? This is your chance to find out for $24.99.