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Get 48 Free Hours With Titanfall! Game Time is Back!

Titanfall Game Time is back by popular demand! If you missed it the first time around, this is your chance to check out the action-packed shooter for absolutely no cost. You're getting 48 hours with the full game for free, exclusively for new Titanfall gamers. And just like the massive Titans you can pilot in the game, Origin Game Time just keeps going - you can add it to your Origin Game Library whenever you want!

Starting today, players new to Titanfall -- ones who did not already claim Game Time for Titanfall the first time -- can add the game to their library and play the game free for two full days. Because the Game Time clock won't begin until you’ve launched the fully-downloaded game for the very first time, you can start your download whenever you want - downloading Titanfall won't count towards your 48 hours of free time.

Game Time is a real-time clock. Whether you’re in the thick of the battle or taking a break, once you’ve started Game Time it will continue to run. We’ll keep you posted with in-game alerts when your Game Time is close to ending, so you can play worry-free.

Titanfall Game Time is tailored for new Pilots, so if you own the game or already played during the first Titanfall session this isn't for you. But veterans will reap the benefits with fresh recruits to team up with… or compete against. Get out there and show them the ropes, they could use the assist.

This is absolutely the best time to play Titanfall. The team at Respawn has been hard at work building new gameplay features to the core experience. Have you checked out the new Burn Cards? Have you taken part in the Black Market? Have you customized your Insignia? There’s more to experience: Titanfall is the best it has ever been.

Your progress is saved even after your 48 free hours run out, so if you want to keep your career going, you’ll pick up right where you left off by adding Titanfall to your Game Library. This is even true for those that joined Titanfall Game Time the first time around: Own the game and you’ll start with all your Pilot’s progress completely intact.

Get out there and use Game Time to dominate the Frontier.