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Titanfall PC Beta Has Concluded

With the last Titan drop, the Titanfall PC Beta is coming to an end. Thanks for all the fun this weekend, Pilots – now it’s time to get back to work and prepare for the big release of Titanfall on PC coming this March 11 in the US.

Now that you got a great big taste of things to come, what were your favorite moments of Titanfall? Did you take a Titan out using your own two hands? Did you find some great hiding places up high using your Pilots’ jumping and wall-running capabilities? Or did you bring down your Titan right on top of an enemy? Tell us all the great things you accomplished in the Titanfall PC beta in the comments below.

All those amazing skills you’ve learned in the Titanfall PC beta? Use them in the actual game when it launches in a few short weeks. Loved what you played? There’s a whole lot more to come. Pre-order Titanfall on Origin and you’ll be all set to get back into your Titan the moment the game launches on March 11th.