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Titanfall on PC Has Released

The Titans have fallen! March 11th marks the official release of Titanfall on PC in most gaming territories, and March 13th for the rest of the planet. Hope you pre-ordered the game and took advantage of Origin’s pre-load feature!

Still haven’t jumped into the online Frontier yet? Your friends are waiting for you. Be sure to get all the content with the Titanfall PC Digital Deluxe Edition that’s only available on Origin. The Digital Deluxe nets the PC game and secures the Season Pass which bundles all the great future content planned for Titanfall. It’s a great deal: the Digital Deluxe Edition is $10 cheaper than buying all the content separately.

If you’re already dominating the warzone as a Pilot, awesome. Get the heads-up on everything Titanfall by following @TitanfallGame on Twitter. While you’re at it, we’ll love you even more when you follow us on Twitter (@OriginInsider) and Facebook. You never know what Titanfall-related shenanigans we have planned for you. Hint: we have a lot of Titanfall-related shenanigans planned for you.

Until then: Drop a Titan on it!