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Titanfall PC Pre-load Is Coming

If you’ve pre-ordered Titanfall – or if you’re still on the pre-order fence – this news is for you. Pre-load, the ability to download the majority of a game on Origin before launch, will soon be activated for Titanfall on PC.

At least 24 hours before the launch of Titanfall on PC in your territory you’ll have the ability to start the download of your game and get everything ready for Titanfall’s release in your territory. In short, with pre-load, you’ll be ready to fight as soon as the game is released. It’s better to be online than waiting in line, right?

For those that have pre-ordered Titanfall on PC, there’s an easy way to check when you’re eligible to start pre-loading your copy. Simply launch Origin and click on “My Games.” On your Titanfall icon, click the Info button and you’ll see the time your pre-load begins.

Titanfall Preloadtime

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, there’s still time to get in and take advantage of pre-load. We’ve also just launched a new bundle that includes Titanfall for PC and Season Pass for a discounted price: Titanfall Digital Deluxe Editon. This is the best way to secure all current and future content for Titanfall on PC. If you’ve already pre-ordered the Standard Edition and would like to take advantage of the Titanfall Digital Deluxe Edition, EA Help representatives are ready to cancel your order so you can secure your Season Pass content for less.

Whether it’s the Titanfall Digital Deluxe or the Standard Edition you pre-order on Origin…prepare for preload!