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Top 10 Ways to Prepare for the Battlefield 4 Beta on Origin

Oct. 1 update: In order to properly install the Battlefield 4 Beta, it’s necessary to first have the latest drivers installed on your PC. If you have an outdated driver, you’ll see a window during installation with a link to the driver that needs an update.

The Battlefield 4 Exclusive Beta arrives on PC Oct. 1 with next-gen graphics and the next level of unrivaled destruction that defines the franchise.

To make sure you’re battle-ready, we’ve compiled a checklist of steps you should take to hit the ground running when the Battlefield 4 Beta launches.

Okay, are you ready? Let’s do this ...

1. Add your squadmates as Origin friends: You’re going to need some reliable squadmates. Select “Add a Friend” within Origin. Then, import your friends from Facebook, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and EA. Who’s going to have your back in Battlefield 4?

2. Turn on cloud saves:Take your game progress wherever you go. In your Origin Settings, check the box under “Cloud Storage.” Starting over is not an optionUpdate: Well, it turns out cloud saves aren’t relevant to the Beta after all, but you’ll be all set for the launch of Battlefield 4!

3. Take a sneak peek: Watch the official videos for Battlefield 4 to brace yourself for what’s coming.

4. Read up on the new Battlelog: Battlelog for Battlefield 4 has deep in-game integration, a better connected experience and more. Check out all the improvements here.

5. Get in shape with Battlefield 3: Practice makes perfect. The best way to prepare for battle is to fight more battles.

6. Update Origin: For the ultimate Battlefield 4 experience, make sure you’re using the latest version of Origin. Or, download Origin now.

7. Sign up and get your ID: You’ve probably done this step already, but if not, don’t wait until the Beta launches! Setting up an EA account is easy … then revisit Step 1!

8. Edit your profile and avatar: Make sure your identity reflects your Battlefield fervor!

9. Tell your friends to fight first starting Oct. 1: This is the first chance to hit the battlefield. Storm the Siege of Shanghai map and try out Conquest and Domination modes—all long before launch of the full game. The best way to get in the Exclusive Beta is through the Origin-exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition.

10. Play! Charge into the thick of it starting Oct. 1. For all the Beta details, click here.