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Top 5 Nintendo Games of E3 2014

We’ve been gaming with Nintendo for more than 30 years now, so of course we’re going to keep our eyes on what the company’s got cooking for this year and beyond. And even though the company might not be quite the leader that it once was, Nintendo still manages to excite and please us with its pure fun game designs and clever innovations. This E3 was no different.

#5 Mario Maker
Creating Mario levels has always been at the back of our minds, and finally, nearly three decades after the release of Super Mario Bros., we’re finally going to get an official level designer from Nintendo on WiiU. Think Mario Paint for game designers and you’ve got a great idea of what to expect for Mario Maker.

#4 Amiibo
Nintendo might be three years late to the NFC figurine party kicked off by Skylanders, but that’s okay – with Nintendo’s cast of characters like Link, Bowser and Kirby we’re still going to buy into the craze. The first game to use the amiibo figures will be Smash Bros, but additional game support is coming. Even if these toys didn’t keep track of game progress, we’d get them just cuz they look adorable on a shelf.

#3 Splatoon
If you’re wondering what a Nintendo-designed multiplayer shooter would look like, Splatoon is your answer. This is an amazingly creative take on the third-person shooter, with players (as anthropomorphic squids) taking control of arenas by spraying colored ink all over the walls and floors. Turn into an actual squid to dive into the colors for fast travel. There are some great ideas here, can’t wait to put it through its paces.

#2 Yoshi’s Wooly World
It’s a spiritual successor to the awesomely fun and visually impressive Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the original Wii system, but now it’s Yoshi’s turn to get stitched together. The HD capabilities of the Wii U really bring this fabric world to life…it’s almost like Yoshi’s running amok in a local Michael’s.

#1 Smash Bros. Wii/3DS
We are huge Smash Bros. fans here, and though we’ve been following the Wii U version for more than a year now, watching the near final version for the Wii U and the 3DS is making us want to scratch that Smash Bros. itch, right now. October 2014 can’t come fast enough…and that’s just for the portable version. We’ll be practicing up on the Wii before then, absolutely.

Nintendo revealed a good assortment of great games at this year’s E3. This is only a sample of them. Do you agree with our Top 5? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.