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Top 5 PlayStation Games of E3 2014

This year’s E3 marks the first Expo for the PlayStation 4 system after its release. Gamers are now no longer mesmerized by sexy hardware. It’s all about the games, and Sony came through during this year’s show with a huge assortment of first and third party games for its console and portable. These games are among the five that really excited us.

#5 Entwined

Entwined – it’s beautiful and it’s hypnotic. It also looks like one addictive dual-stick action game on the PlayStation 4. What’s more, it’s available right now – they released the game right after the press conference on the PlayStation Network, so forgive us if we stop writing just to start downloading and playing the game.

#4 Grim Fandango
Okay, okay, so not much was revealed on the remake to Tim Schafer’s PC adventure on the PlayStation 4. But it was an out-of-left-field announcement that not only brings back a fantastic game design for a new generation of gamers, it opens up the potential for other Tim Schafer classics created in the Lucasarts days to make a return.

#3 No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky makes a huge freakin’ promise that we’ll have to take the developers’ word for it: the universe will be populated with players on their own planets. You get a planet, and you get a planet. The whole freakin’ gaming population gets a planet! What will your planet be like?

#2 Destiny

From the creators of Halo. That might be enough to sell you on this game, it’s made by Bungie. But it’s also a four player co-op shooter with a fantastic setting. We saw the game last year but it’s really coming together for its 2014 launch. Anyone got an Alpha code?

#1 Little Big Planet 3
How can you not love Sackboy. That cute adorable burlap bag of awesome is now getting an assortment of pals in this four-player coop platformer slash level designer. And what really gets our creative juices flowing: every level designed in Little Big Planet and its sequel on PlayStation 3 will be playable on Little Big Planet 3. That’s…that’s like getting a bazillion levels to play on day one. Where will we get the time?

There are far more games revealed during E3 2014 than this Top 5 can hold. What do you think of our choices? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.