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Top 5 Xbox One Games of E3 2014

The system wars have begun…again! Microsoft came out with guns blazing this week during E3 2014 for its Xbox One console. Here’s our pick for the announcements that really got us stoked.

Huge shout-out to Other Ocean for its crowdsourced action game. If we had to describe it, we’d shove NBA Jam and Smash Bros. together into an 8-bit blender and bake in the oven for thirty years. But what it finally becomes may be different than what was shown, because it’s a constantly evolving design that’s fueled by suggestions from the community.

#4 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Remakes of classic games are nothing new and they’ll continue to happen as long as there are franchises gamers hold near and dear to their hearts. But it’s Halo, and it’s all together in one package, all upgraded with sharper and smoother visuals and an improved multiplayer experience. Plus it’s been a very long time since we played Halo 2 so we’re looking forward to experiencing that one again.

#3 Ori and the Blind Forest
We know very little about this game other than A) it’s inspired by one of our favorite indie games Limbo, and B) We were tearing up during the reveal trailer during Microsoft’s press event. Expect this one to push the emotional buttons once or twice…

#2 Evolve

Left 4 Dead is a fantastic multiplayer cooperative experience and Evolve, from that same team, takes the concept and builds upon it in a not-Zombie environment. Turtle Rock has already proven that the four-player thing is in good hands, and we can’t wait to play their next generation.

#1 Sunset Overdrive
Insomniac’s latest looks to take the fun and frantic action of its Ratchet and Clank series and the rail-sliding whimsy of the Jet Set Radio franchise. It also doesn’t look like it takes itself seriously. AT ALL. And in a video game, we love that. It doesn’t always have to be so darn serious.

This is just a sample of the games that were revealed for Xbox One. Do you agree with our choices or are we crazy? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.