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Weekly Giveaway: DmC Devil May Cry Edition

It’s that time: our weekly prize giveaway. Leave us a comment for a chance to win free game codes and other sweet prizes while celebrating your favorite games. Each Thursday, we post a new question—like us on Facebook to stay in the know.

One of the more charming hallmarks in the Devil May Cry franchise is the Stylish Rank Gauge, where you build up combo attacks that are graded with a "stylish" word for each rank. The Japanese grading system is pretty similar to the US one, and (in ascending order) goes: D, C, B, A, and S. So during the original DMC, your combo would be graded as: "Dull!" "Cool!" "Bravo!" "Absolute!" or "Stylish!". DmC Devil May Cry adds double and triple S-ranks to the scale, and grades you as: "Dirty!" "Cruel!" "Brutal!" "Anarchic!" "Savage!" "SSadistic!" or "SSSensational!".

Thinking up the right words to use for the Stylish Rank Gauge seems like a fun challenge, so for a chance to win a stylish (and signed) DmC Devil May Cry poster, tell us what your version of the Stylish Rank Gauge would be. The only rules are that the first letter of each rank has to correspond with the grade, and the words should end with an exclamation point. Give us your list of Stylish Ranks in the comments below by January 27th at 11:59pm PT to be considered.

DmC Devil May Cry Edition

The Origin team will pick five (5) random commenters to win this week’s prize. Please note, only one entry per person is permitted for each giveaway, and only residents of North America, aged 18 and older, are eligible. Winners will be contacted via email on their registered Origin/EA email address to claim their prize. Good luck!