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Weekly Giveaway: Fuse

Welcome to our weekly prize giveaway. Leave us a comment for a chance to win free game codes and other cool prizes while celebrating your favorite games. We do this every week—to stay in touch with these giveaways, like us on Facebook.

When Fuse—a volatile alien energy source—gets into the wrong hands, you and your fellow Overstrike 9 agents are called in to prevent a catastrophic arms race from spinning out of control. Thankfully, you’re each well-equipped with experimental Fuse-powered Xenotech weapons that are not only tactically tailored to different play styles, but can also strategically combine with your co-op team’s arsenals to trigger Fusion and dramatically amplify your results. 

Play as Dalton, whose Magshield provides portable defense for teammates and also doubles as an enormous shotgun. Or play as Naya for a stealthier approach; cloak up and sneak up on enemies before turning them into explosive black holes with the Warp Rifle. Izzy and her crystallizing Shattergun can conveniently leave enemies frozen in place whereas Jacob can melt the masses with his Arcshot crossbow that shoots magma bolts—creating remote mines where enemies once stood. Who will you play as?

For a chance to win a limited edition poster signed by the creators of Fuse, tell us which character you’d choose, and how you’d combine weapons with your friends in your tactical co-op dream team. Remember to Like, Comment on, or Share the official Facebook post for this giveaway to boost your chances to win. Entries must be posted by June 2nd at 11:59pm PT to be considered.

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The Origin team will pick five (5) random commenters to win this week’s prize. Please note, only one entry per person is permitted for each giveaway, and only residents of North America, aged 18 and older, who are not EA employees or affiliated with an EA employee, are eligible. Winners will be contacted via email on their registered Origin/EA email address to claim their prize.  Good luck!