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Weekly Giveaway: SimCity Edition

Welcome to our weekly prize giveaway. Leave us a comment for a chance to win free game codes and other cool prizes while celebrating your favorite games. We do this every Thursday—to stay in touch with these giveaways, like us on Facebook.

City specializations in SimCity have lasting effects on the whole vibe and personality of your city as well as its surrounding residential, commercial, and industrial areas. How are you going to specialize your city? Will you go into mining, drilling, gambling, electronics, trade, or culture? Or perhaps some bizarre or ingenious combo? 


Do you plan to specialize in pollution-heavy industries then watch as the Sims in your neighbors’ cities get sick? Or will you lend your surplus power, police, ambulances, etc. to your friends’ neighboring cities in times of crisis? For a chance to win a free Maxis T-shirt (size L), briefly describe your city specializations in the comments below. Entries must be posted by March 10th at 11:59pm PT to be considered.

Maxis T-shirt

The Origin team will pick five (5) random commenters to win this week’s prize. Please note, only one entry per person is permitted for each giveaway, and only residents of North America, aged 18 and older, who are not EA employees or affiliated with an EA employee, are eligible. Winners will be contacted via email on their registered Origin/EA email address to claim their prize. Good luck!