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Welcome To The Updated Origin Store

Depending on where you are, you might notice that the Origin Store looks totally different today (or lately). We've been rolling out the redesigned web store in stages around the world (this week, the U.S. joins the party), and in a few weeks the updated store will be live globally. 

Let's take a quick a tour of the improved Origin Store, and how we hope it helps make your game buying experience a great one.

Based on research and your feedback, we've overhauled the site with a clean design so you can focus on connecting quickly to the games and content you want.

When you look up a game now, you can easily scan the page for key info, large screenshots, and videos to help you know whether it's the right game for you or not.

Per your request, we've vastly improved search. Predictive search (try typing just "batt" or "batm") plus our revamped searched engine now gives you faster and more relevant results in one easy-to-read page. Our new search makes it easier both to find the games you already love, and stumble onto games you might love.   

Those are just some of the more visible changes we've made to the Origin Store. We've also made technical improvements, including an entirely new backend to the store, which in turn means everything operates faster and smoother. It's simply easier to get great games on Origin. We hope you enjoy the improvements we've made, and please leave any feedback about the store and its new look and feel in the comments below.