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Find out what went into creating Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer modes

Are you ready for Battlefield Hardline? In just a few short weeks, you and your friends will be able to binge on some awesome cops vs. criminals action. And between the thrilling TV-inspired crime drama campaign and all of the epic multiplayer modes, there’s plenty to go around. In fact, the developers over at Visceral Games can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into everything this new take on Battlefield has to offer. We caught up with lead multiplayer designer Thaddeus Sasser for a quick chat about what went into making Battlefield Hardline a unique and authentic Battlefield experience.


The Battlefield Hardline beta is now live – dominate the streets with these Insider Tips!

Now that the Battlefield Hardline open beta is live, gamers all over the world can get a taste of some cops vs. criminals action. Whether you’re stealing loot in Heist mode, participating in high-speed chases in Hotwire, or taking down perps in Conquest, we can’t wait for you to jump in and have an insanely fun time. And while you and your friends will no doubt develop some amazing strategies, we’ve got some special Insider Tips straight from the Battlefield Hardline developers that will help you come out on top. Are you ready to rule the streets?


Battlefield Hardline's PC details revealed – check out the system requirements right here!

Ready for the Battlefield Hardline open beta? We can't wait for you to experience a taste of the cops vs. criminals action. And while we’re excited for you to check out a new take on Battlefield, we’re also excited to reveal the official system requirements of Battlefield Hardline. If you’re planning on cranking up your display settings to the max (and you totally should – the game looks downright incredible), make sure your gaming rig has what it takes. Check out the following system requirements, which are same for both the beta and the final release of the game: Does your rig have what it takes? Find out right here.


Try The Sims 4 for 48 hours, free with Origin Game Time!

Are you ready to rule? The Sims 4 is now available with Origin Game Time, giving players 48 hours of free, unrestricted gameplay. Now you can check it out without spending a penny.


Theme Hospital is free with On the House! Here are 5 tips to get you started

What will you do when your hospital is overrun with vomiting, big-headed patients scrambling to spend their hard-earned money on medical support? What about when a bunch of people show up dressed like Elvis Presley and need psychological help? If you answered "hire more doctors", you're already mentally prepared for the insanity that is Theme Hospital, Bullfrog Productions' 1997 classic.Good news! The game is available for free with Origin On the House, so you can download it and start playing immediately without spending a dime.


2014: The year the Origin community logged more than 1.1 billion hours of gaming

Fact: last year was a great year for PC gamers. First-person shooters, sports games, RPGs – no matter your tastes, 2014 saw the release of tons of great titles spanning a variety of genres. But you know what? It was an equally incredible year for you, the Origin community. In fact, we thought it would be fun to share some stats with you to give you a look at what the community has been up to. Check them out right here!


Origin's year-end sale has arrived! Celebrate what made 2014 awesome

2014 is coming to an end, and that means it's time to look back on what made the year so awesome. Video games, by the way. That's the answer. Video games is what made the year so awesome.


5 fun predictions SimCity 2000 made about the future

Way back in 1994, Maxis released SimCity 2000 – one of the most revered city-building and management sims of all time. For a game that was released back when pagers were the hot new thing, it holds up remarkably well. But while the gameplay is as fresh as ever, SimCity 2000's many hunches of what the future would hold for mankind feel a little sillier than they might have in '94. Flying cars? Yet to be seen. Giant self-contained cities that could be launched into space to serve as colonies? Still a ways off on that one. So join us on a nostalgia-fueled journey as we take a look at 5 predictions SimCity 2000 made about the events that would come to pass in the years following its release.


Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Shadow of Revan expansion is available! Here’s what you need to know

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with BioWare and check out STAR WARS The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan. We explored some of the new content on the new planets of Rishi and Yavin 4, and tried out some of the new Flashpoints available to players climbing towards the increased level cap of 60. We also reached out on the Origin Insider Twitter account to find out what our community wanted to know about Shadow of Revan. Here are a few questions we received, with answers straight from the source: BioWare.


SimCity 2000 is On the House - Here are 5 things you should do while playing!

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who have no idea what "Reticulating Splines" means, and those who have nostalgic memories of spending hours building cities in SimCity 2000. Today, we have great news for both of those groups: the classic sim is the next game On the House on Origin, meaning you can get it – right now – for absolutely free! Just add it to your Origin Game Library and you can play it whenever you want.


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