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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Insider Tips

If you're reading this, odds are you're either already exploring Thedas, or you're thinking about diving into Dragon Age: Inquisition in the near future. And who can blame you? The game is incredible, and totally worth checking out for any RPG fan. It's also massive, with plenty to see and do in the 150+ hours you can spend in the world. That's why we're here, with some Insider Tips to make your Herald of Andraste the best Herald of Andreste the world of Thedas has ever seen.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Now Available — See It at 4K Resolution!

Finally. Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available in North America. Begin your battle to save Thedas and close the Breach, leading the Inquisition to victory. And while you're here, check out the game in all its glory at 4K resolution.


You can pre-load your copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition today!

The people of Thedas need your help, Inquisitor – so do them all a favor and pre-load Dragon Age: Inquisition so you can help them out as soon as possible. Starting today, those who have pre-ordered the game can download and install it early, making it available for play the second it launches on November 18. With the world on the brink of collapse, there’s no time to waste.


Happy N7 Day! Here are the best fan-made Mass Effect characters in The Sims 4

If you’ve played The Sims 4, you already know that the character creation tools are incredibly deep, providing a massive amount of entertainment before you even start to “play.” Gamers are using those tools to let their creativity shine, recreating everyone from themselves to celebrities and fictional characters as Sims. So in celebration of November 7, AKA N7 Day – the yearly celebration of all things Mass Effect – we wanted to see what cool characters people had created from BioWare’s awesome sci-fi franchise. Want to see what Shepard, Liara, and Jack all look like Sim-ified? Here are our favorites.


Battlefield 4 Game Time is back! New players can try it for 168 free hours

Epic 64-player firefights. Jaw-dropping environmental destruction. Incredible vehicle warfare that sometimes results in hilarious but accidental team betrayals due to piloting inexperience. (We all have to start somewhere!) Battlefield 4 is massive in scope and scale, offering some of the most intense action around – and now that it’s back on Origin Game Time, new recruits can experience it for themselves free of charge for one full week.


The 5 coolest (and most outrageous) pools we built in The Sims 4

It’s a pretty good week to be a Sim. Pools have been added for free to The Sims 4, and they’re cooler than they've ever been. How cool? We snuck over to Maxis’ lair to experiment and see exactly how creative we could get. The results were, well… you’ll need to see them to believe them.


6 Things We Did During the First 5 Hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition isn’t just a massive RPG – it’s the biggest one BioWare has ever made. We’re talking about dozens of hours of gameplay containing tons of quests, a slew of complex characters to befriend, and an epic fantasy story that puts you in the shoes of the Inquisitor, the only hope Thedas has of salvation. The folks over at BioWare were kind enough to invite us over so we could dig into the first five hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition's incredible-looking PC version – and considering its size, we barely scratched the surface. With that in mind, here are 6 awesome things we did during our time in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Crusader: No Remorse is Now On the House!

Time to fight for the future: from now until December 9, you can download the Origin Studios classic Crusader: No Remorse to your EA account for free. It's On the House, so once it’s in your library, it’s yours to keep and play as much as you want.


What is the most important thing about Dragon Age: Inquisition?

We've written a lot about Dragon Age: Inquisition in the past week. We discussed the awesome PC version of the game, talked about the exciting Dragon Age Keep, and even put the original Dragon Age: Origins On the House, making it totally free for everyone. But today, as the window to redeem Dragon Age: Origins On the House closes (seriously, it's nearly over, so don't forget to grab it!), we wanted to ask the developers at BioWare one more thing: what's the most important thing about Dragon Age: Inquisition you want to tell fans about? It's a tough question, but two of the developers had answers.


First Dragon Age: Inquisition PC screenshots, system requirements and hands-on!

Sprawling hills, green pastures, flowing rivers, lots of demons – The Hinterlands of Ferelden are a lovely place. Not that other regions of Thedas are better off. Rifts that link the physical world to the demonic Fade have appeared across the land, allowing hideous monsters to pour through and terrorize as they please. To make matters worse, mages and templars cut each other down at every turn, leaving plenty of collateral damage in their wake. Now, as the leader of the newly-formed Inquisition, it’s up to you and your band of heroes to strengthen your cause through politics and battle and put an end to all the chaos. You’ll need a sharp tongue and a sharper blade if you’re to succeed – thankfully, Dragon Age: Inquisition, a massive RPG by the developers at BioWare, gives you all the tools you’ll need to restore order.


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