Dragon Age™: Inquisition

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Dragon Age™: Inquisition

Your New Adventure Begins.

Thedas needs heroes, and it's up to you and your party of warriors to save the land from darkness in BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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  • Blood
  • Intense Violence
  • Nudity
  • Sexual Content
  • Strong Language

Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

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Editions: Standard Edition

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Command respect with powerful and
exclusive weapons, armor and mounts

The Digital Deluxe Edition offers unique content for the newly-appointed Inquisitor. Exotic mounts, a skull-carved throne and specialized gear from the Flames of the Inquisition Arsenal complete the experience.

Dragon Age™: InquisitionDragon Age™: Inquisition Digital Deluxe
Standard Edition
PC Download
Digital Deluxe Edition
PC Download
Dragon Age™: Inquisition Standard Edition
Flames of the Inquisition Arsenal


Flames of the Inquisition Armor


Flames of the Inquisition Armored Mount


Dragon Age Multiplayer Deluxe Edition chests


Skyhold Throne


Red Hart Halla


Bog Unicorn


Digital Soundtrack


Standard Edition
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Digital Deluxe Edition
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Build Your Inquisition with Powerful Friends.

In these dangerous times, an Inquisitor needs backup. Fortunately, help has arrived from all over Thedas. It's time to meet the warriors that will be fighting by your side on the battlefield... as long as you can keep them from leaving your party.



Iron Bull



Playable Races

The people of Thedas need a hero – that's where you come in, Inquisitor. But before you can begin your adventure, you need to forge your champion with Dragon Age: Inquisition's deep character creation tools. Choose your gender, pick a class, and decide the Inquisitor's race. Will you lead as a Dwarf, Elf, Human, or Qunari?





Choose Your Class

Create an Inquisitor Unlike Any Other

One of the best parts of playing a massive, story-driven RPG is choosing your character class. Dragon Age: Inquisition gives you complete freedom to play how you want: Be a warrior, mage, or rogue, and choose from tons of abilities as you level up.

As front-line fighters, warriors create an opening for deadly ranged assaults. Then there are mages, whose toolkits consist of devastating spells. Finally, rogue's use mixture of stealth and mobility to dish out tons of damage. Who will you become?