Fight Night Champion

Get ready
To rumble!

Battle the world’s greatest boxing champions
On your way to the title!

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Step into the squared circle…

Fight Night Champion takes the world of boxing into newer, grittier territory with the most realistic gameplay ever seen. Engage the Legacy Mode to build your own fighter from scratch or choose from over 60 real-life boxing greats like Sonny Liston, Evander Holyfield, and Muhammad Ali. The fight and punching controls use the most accurate physics-real concept ever devised, turning every match into a bone-crunching exercise in boxing brutality. Full Spectrum Punch Control provides singular precision over your punches; learn your own unique boxing style, then take it into the ring to defend your reputation. Story elements bring the boxing lifestyle right to your doorstep, and the sport’s bloody injuries appear in M-rated accuracy to ensure you feel every blow. No boxing game in history has ever been this close to reality: a one-of-a-kind testing ground where only the strongest become the champs!

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