Madden NFL 25

As real
As it gets

Football has never played like this…
It’s like coaching from the sidelines!

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Go for gridiron glory!

Powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE, Madden NFL 25 ushers in the next generation of sports games, delivering 10x more detail and 2x the control. Players think and anticipate in the trenches and across the field. Every step is calculated to showcase the most realistic player movement ever, and the emotion of Sunday is brought to life like never before with living sidelines, rich commentary, and thunderous crowds. Hear the most intelligent commentary in franchise history, as Simms and Nantz recall everything about your career- all your injuries, all your stats, all your accolades. Each stadium is a dynamic, living world filled with energy, emotion, and action. Feel the pulse of every game, every score, every play.

Origin specializes in digital downloads. If you would like the game on disc, please visit the publisher’s website.